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Protecting and Preserving Wood Surfaces

Vault Fumigation Termite and Pest Control in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Palm Beach County

Drywood termites cause hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage each year. In our area many homeowners have wooden tables, chairs, wall units, cabinets, picture frames, and doors that become infested with these termites. These insects live within these items and damage them by their tunneling and consuming their wood. 

When termite colonies mature, winged male and female termites (alates) leave the wood and swarm. They shed their wings, pair up and find another suitable place within your home to start another colony. Usually they squeeze into a crack or crevice in wood, seal themselves in, mate and begin laying eggs. Once the eggs hatch

into larvae they begin to eat the wood. More eggs are laid and the colony enlarges. It usually take 2 or 3 years for a newly established colony to begin doing serious damage. In about 5 years the colony matures, swarmer’s are produced and the cycle repeats itself. 

Usually the sudden appearance of discarded wings on the windowsills is the 1st sign of an infestation in your home. Fecal pellets which look like small piles of sand are another visible sign you have drywood termites. These pellets are usually found near the damaged item. 

Owners with furniture infested with drywood termites, or other types of wood boring insects can now have them treated in our fumigation vault. It is the perfect solution for homeowners requiring zero pest tolerance. The vault gets filed with the fumigation Vikane which seeks out every termite no matter where it is hiding within the wood. When the process is completed the vault is vented, and the fumigant completely dissipates. 100% of the drywood termites will be gone, without odor or surface residues left behind. 

Our company is licensed to perform “fumigation” and must meet strict state requirements to perform this work. Our vault is registered with and inspected by the Department of Agriculture to ensure that it is safe to operate and does not constitute a danger to human health or the environment. Furthermore, the manufacturers of Vikane require training above and beyond state requirements. All companies using Vikane must sign agreements to meet the manufacturers’ strict standards. 

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