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Keeping Bed Bugs out of your home!

Although no longer headline news, Bed Bugs continue to increase worldwide. Infestations have been reported in every major city in the United States and the problem is spreading into our suburbs. They are most frequently found in highly populated areas and are associated with poverty, not because of hygiene, but because this segment of society does not have the funds to address the problem.

People who travel internationally and are exposed to public areas such as hotels, and mass transportation have a greater chance of coming in contact with these insects and becoming infested. A home infested with less than twenty Bed Bugs can be easily treated whereas one with more than one hundred may require fumigation. Since Bed Bugs multiply rapidly the key to controlling them is to take action at the first sign of a problem. Although an infestation cannot be prevented, monitoring devices can be installed to detect low level populations.

If you travel frequently, have a lot of visitors or employ immigrant household help monitoring will minimize the chance of an infestation becoming established in your home.

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