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Palm, Tree & Flower Treatments

Palm Tree Pest Control in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, and Palm Beach County

Palms are the most expensive plants in our landscape and IPM’s fertilization and pest control treatments are designed to help keep your investment thriving.  Dollar for dollar, fertilization will do more to improve the health of your palms than any other treatment.

IPM understands that to fertilize palms efficiently, one must have an understanding of how their roots grow. Roots initiate at the trunk and grow outward until they extend just beyond the palm’s canopy. Although those located adjacent to the trunk are the largest, they are not efficient at absorbing fertilizer. The absorbing roots are a minimum of six feet from the trunk and this is where the fertilizer must be placed if it is to be taken up by the palm.  Experts agree that palms should be fed minimally

twice and optimally four times per year and that the best application method is to broadcast granular “palm special” fertilizer around the base of the palm where the absorbing roots are located. Unfortunately, broadcasting the correct amount of fertilizer around palms that are located in shrubbery beds or lawn areas will severely damage the roots of these plants.

To fertilize palms without burning the roots of nearby plants, IPM uses customized equipment to inject slow release, liquid fertilizer beneath the shrubbery roots and into the root zone of the palms. We perform multiple injections to ensure that the entire absorbing root zone is drenched with the proper amount of fertilizer. This method works so well that we are able to fertilize palms only twice per year and guarantee to correct nutritional deficiencies at no charge if they develop.

We are fortunate that South Florida has a climate suitable for growing palms. However, since most of our landscape palms are not native species they sometimes develop problems that require treatment. IPM offers a complete array of insect and disease control treatments to keep your palms healthy. We also offer annual programs to help newly installed palms become established.

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